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Is your ophthalmic equipment or instrument broken and in need of some TLC?

 With over 30 years in the Ophthalmic Industry, Sun Medical technicians are uniquely qualified to provide service and repair on your lane and pretest equipment.  They have been trained by 

And can repair and service the following and more
  • American Optical (AO) chairs and stands, custom 1 and custom 2
  • AO Phoropters 
  • Burton chair and stands
  • B&L greens, keratometers
  • BIO's, Keeler, Frigitronics, and Mentors 
  • Haag Streit Goldmann Visual Fields
  • Haag Streit Slit Lamps and Tonometers
  • Phoropters, all makes and models, even B&L Greens Phoropters 
  • Reliance chairs and stands, all makes and models
  • Reichert chairs and stands, all makes and models
  • Reichert Phoroptor, Ultramatic, RXMaster
  • Topcon Fundus Cameras (Retinal Cameras), NW100, NW200, NW6S, 50vt, 50ex, 50x, 50ix, 50ia
  • Topcon Autorefractors
  • Topcon Phoropter VT-10
  • Topcon Autorefractor keratometer and Autorefractor topographer
  • Topcon Slit Lamps, all makes and models, 2D, 2ED and Tonometers 
  • Zeiss 100/16 slit lamp
  • Zeiss 125/16 slit lamp
  • Zeiss 30 series slit lamps and 20 series slit lamps
  • Zeiss OMNI series microscopes, all makes and models 
  • Zeiss Visual Fields 600 and 700 series
If you don't see it listed, please inquire.  Sun Medical specializes in all things related to Ophthalmic Equipment and Instruments, we cannot list them all.  

 Haag Streit 900 Rebuild

Phoropter Cross Cylinder Repair

A rebuild of the cross cylinder on an AO phoropter.