Chairs and Stands for the Ophthalmologist and Optometrist

All chairs and stands are reconditioned back to original factory specifications. 

Examination chairs are reupholstered in Boltaflex upholstery for long term durability.  The vinyl fabric is easily cleaned, and is resistant to fluids and many of the harsh cleaning products used to disinfect. They are repainted with industrial epoxy paint to resist scratches and all electronic and hydraulic parts are checked and replaced as necessary.  

Instrument stands and arms are broken down, degreased and cleaned, repainted with industrial epoxy paint to resist scratches, relubricated, and reassembled.  All electronic parts are checked and replaced or repaired as necessary.    

Reliance 5200 exam chair with 7700 instrument stand
Burton Combo exam chair and instrument stand
Reliance 6200 exam chair 7720 IC instrument stand
Created by Ilex industries